Organic Laundry

The soapberry is a vegan and 100% organic laundry detergent, which can be used for anything from laundry, dish washing, and cleaning. And, naturally they are biologically degradable.

Cocoon Wool Dryer Balls are organic drying balls for the tumble dryer. They reduce the drying time of clothes in the machine using the wool’s great moist absorbing capabilities.

Our naturally extracted organic oils are pure natural oils. They can be added to the laundry during a wash, instead of synthetic detergents, or added to drying balls (e.g. merino wool).

The nature sponge’s incredible softness and numerous pores helps cleaning the skin. It does so in a soft and natural way and maintains a healthy blood circulation on your face and body.

A natural stain remover block is 100% vegan product. This block is an incredibly effective stain remover and also gentle on your clothes and the environment.

We have written a simple guide for washing and aftercare of our products. In that way, you will be certain to have a Cocoon Eco Living product, which lasts for a long time.