Essential oils

Give your laundry a natural and environmentally-friendly scent

Our oils are natural oils, which are added during laundry instead of fabric softener, or during drying. The oils are extracted naturally through cold-pressing or through water distillation of flowers, fruits, shells or other plants. You can be certain that our oils are 100% natural, and do not contain synthetic or other man-made additives. Therefore, the oils are concentrated by the plant’s natural oils, and are labelled as essential oils. Essential oils are temporary oils and they evaporate easily when in contact with air. It will not be a powerful scent, but a gentler scent left on the clothes.

However, you need to be aware when handling essential oils and you use caution. Using undiluted essential oils directly on your skin will risk symptoms for sensitive skin. We always recommend diluting essential oils before usage. As our oils are suited for the washing machine or tumble dryer, where no skin-contact is present, you don’t have to be afraid when using essential oils. This does also apply after washing and drying, where the oil has been diluted and most of it evaporated.

Add a natural scent to your soapberries and avoid any use of chemicals

When you use soapberries, you do not only avoid using chemicals for your laundry. You also avoid using any fabric softener with harmful substances for the environment. Nevertheless, it is always nice that the laundry comes out with a nice natural scent after wash. But as the soapberries have no scent, they will also not add any scent to your laundry. So, if you prefer you can easily add a few drops of our natural essential oils. 

Add just a few drops of oils to the soapberry shells or add the oil with some water to the fabric softener drawer on your washing machine.

Add a natural scent to the wool dryer balls

If you use a natural washing detergent for your laundry, or a detergent without any perfume, you can use our natural essential oils to add a soft and natural scent to your laundry.

Just add a few drops of Cocoon’s essential oils to the wool dryer balls and give your laundry a natural and soft scent. With the pipette you just add a few drops of oil to the wool dryer balls approx. 10 minutes before you dry the laundry, as it will give time for the oil to be absorbed into the wool dryer balls which gives a better extraction of the oil under the drying process.