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Kjaersholm – a series of 100% natural and sustainable children’s furniture

Kjaersholm is a collection of children furniture produced in the best and environmentally sustainable materials. The children tables, the chairs and the benches are all made in 100% natural and solid red-elder wood. Assembled with a single metal or plastic fitting, it is treated with a natural bee-wax instead of any toxic coating that are harmful for our environment. The children’s furniture is available in an all-natural look or with a natural bee-wax coating for extra protection. The oil-wax treatment gives the furniture a nice protecting layer, thereby making it resistant from everyday use. The treatment will give the children furniture a minimal colour differential, as the oil makes a bit darker.

Children’s furniture in red-elder – the tree meant to be saved

Red elder wood is actually a well-known wood type in Europe, but only available in very small quantities. As it is not part of the standard wood production, it is rare to see any products in red-elder wood. As the elder wood grows wildly among other wood types, it is discarded in the wood production. Cocoon Company have made an agreement with a wood plantation, where they put aside all the red-elder. Thereby, it can be used to produce the Cocoon furniture instead of being wasted. Cocoon Company can help reducing material waste from the wooden industry and give the red-elder the life it deserves!

Historically, the red-elder has been used for many things due to the many advantages the wood type contains. Red-elder is a unique, beautiful, and solid coloured wood type, and is very easy to process. As the wood is normally found growing in moist environments, the wood will not absorb water as many other wood types do. Years ago, the red-elder was used for wooden shoes, as the wood could resist all different kinds of weather and be resistant to weariness. Therefore, the red elder is also ideal for production of children furniture.

A socially responsible furniture series

Part of our strategy is to put higher emphasis on production involving social responsibility initiatives. Therefore, Cocoon Company’s furniture is produced and assembled by adults with mental handicaps. This social programme helps to create a safe and healthy environment for these unique people.