Trading Terms

Valid from 1 August 2018 is owned by Cocoon Company ApS – DK. All rights reserved.

Cocoon Company ApS
Vestervang 6
8882 Faarvang
CVR: 33599994


All prices are including Danish VAT (25%) and are shown in euros (EUR). All prices are daily prices and are updated on a regular basic.

Delivery and freight

You will receive the goods approximately within 3-5 working days, and there can be cases where the freight might be delayed. For your kind information, we do not ship during weekends and on national holidays.
On shipments to Denmark shipping costs are calculated based on order amount.
The freight in Denmark is rated at DKK 36 – orders above DKK 450 is shipped freight free (excluding furniture).

GLS shop – DKK 59.

GLS home delivery – DKK 49.
Please write in the ‘note’ to the carrier for the placement of the package. Should no contact person be present at point of delivery time, the package will be taken back and delivered to a GLS shop.

Delivery in Denmark – GLS delivers only during weekdays. Thus, orders made on a Friday will first be delivered on the following Monday.

Unable to claim package:
In case you have not claimed your package at a GLS shop during the given time span of 10 weekdays, the package will be returned to Cocoon Company ApS. Thereafter, we reserve the right to charge a fee equivalent to our real costs for sending the package to you again. The wish to make a cancellation will charge a fee of DKK 35, equivalent to the fee we will be charged by receiving an unclaimed package in Denmark.
In case you have stated a wrong name or address, and the package returns due to this instance, we will reserve the right to charge a fee of DKK 35 equivalent to our real costs for sending the package to you again.

Delivery by carrier – used for larger goods (e.g. furniture). Please note that Cocoon Kjærsholm children’s furniture can only be delivered by carrier to the front door of the main building. It is of utmost importance that you state clearly in a message to the carrier where they may deliver the goods, and furthermore, add a phone number, which they can contact an hour before point of time of delivery at your address. There must be a person to receive the goods or a written declaration of a place of delivery the carrier may place the goods, in which case the customer is thereafter responsible of collecting. Should the order be resend there will be an additional freight fee (max DKK 550). Freight costs on children’s furniture is DKK 125.

Delivery damage: When the package arrives, it is important that you BEFORE signing the delivery, examine the packaging and perhaps the products if they are damaged. If this is the case, you must make objections and state what is wrong on your receipt. For example: “left corner damaged” or similar. If you leave this out, the delivery company may abandon all responsibility for delivery damage. You must contact us immediately in case of damage on goods – two days at the latest.
It is recommended to make photo documentation of the packaging before unwrapping. Doing so will also provide documentation for yourself, in case the product itself is damaged.


All requests must be mailed to
We intent to answer all requests within 48 hours.


The following cards are eligible:
Visa, Master Card & American Express.

You can also pay via a bank transfer. Please be aware of that a bank transfer is not covered by the objection mechanism, and that your products will first be sent when payment has been registered in our bank account.
In case payment is not received within one week your order will be cancelled.

In case of a bank transfer, please state your order number:

Registration number: 8491
Account number: 4561733274
IBAN: DK 70 8491 4910085463
Account owner: Cocoon Company ApS


Prices are daily prices and reservations are taken for misprints, currency and price changes, and technical errors.


You will receive an order confirmation automatically in the given e-mail, once you have completed a purchase.


You will receive an invoice automatically in the given e-mail when we have processed and packed your order.

right to exchange – right of cancellation

In case of product exchange, you will have to pay postage to Cocoon Company ApS. Hereafter, we will send you the new product without extra fees only once. Delivery will be at a GLS shop.

Right to exchange is a right you have for 14 days from the day you receive the package. Remember that the package must be sent directly to Cocoon Company ApS, Vestervang 6, 8882 Faarvang, Denmark, and not to be returned at a postal office or a GLS shop.

Please note: We do not receive packages sent by the addressee and that we do not receive packages sent by DAO.

Note that you cannot worsen the product’s value or open/use it. If the packaging is breached, missing, or destroyed and where this is expected to be able to resell the product, the product cannot be returned.

Note that the product cannot have external smells such as perfume or smoke.

You lose your right of cancellation, if you break the packaging on all care-taking products.

When you use your right of cancellation you must pay for the freight by yourself, when you return the product. By returning the product you are the one who is liable in case the product disappears or is damaged during the transport back to Cocoon Company ApS.

When you regret the purchase, the repayment of the purchase amount is transferred via your payment card provider. The repayment will happen as soon as possible once we have received the product. Delivery payment on certain exchange products is non-refundable.

Cause for complaint

Cocoon Company ApS reserves the right to dismiss complaints, in cases where deviation in colours and sizes are less than 10%.

All purchases are included in the legislation of the Sales of Goods Act about 24 months of right of complaint. Meaning, you as a consumer have 24 months to complain about errors or missing pieces after the purchase. The cause of complaint does not apply when errors, damages or abrasions occurs due to incorrect use, missing care, violence or regular abrasion. Should there unexpectedly be mistakes or missing pieces with your product, please contact our customer service at

Attention: Before you send a product back you MUST contact Cocoon Company ApS, as we possibly do not need your product. Occasionally a picture(s) will suffice. If the product is sent without agreement, we disregard the responsibility on costs of delivery.

contact information

Requests which is not related to customer service or complaints, may also be directed to Cocoon Eco Living at

Processing of personal data

We only keep personal data to the extent it should be relevant in order to complete your order. The responsible owner of data collection, treatment and usage of your personal information on is Cocoon Company ApS, Vestervang 6, 8882 Fårvang CVR 33599994.

Cocoon Eco Living collects data and process your personal data when you do the following:

  • Access our website.
  • Successfully complete a purchase on one of our products.
  • Register a customer account.
  • Rate our website.
  • Sending us questions, complaints or feedback.

Your regular contact information such as name and address will be acquired in order to deliver the product, which you chose to purchase. Your e-mail will be acquired in order to send you an order confirmation as well as delivery confirmation.

We will collect your name, card data and IP address when you purchase the product. The information, which is collected during the payment transfer, is only used and saved for payment enquiries and compliance of the agreement.

In case you do not wish to declare the abovementioned personal data, which is necessary in order to complete a purchase on a product, you will unfortunately not be able to purchase a product on our website.

Your personal data is terminated five years after you have received the product.

Information delivered on is not forwarded or sold to a third-party member.
You do also have the right to have insight in which information there has been registered about you.
These rights are by the Processing of Personal Data Act and requests regarding that matter is forwarded to

Payment security

Our online shop is in collaboration with the payment service Stripe. We have protected data with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. Your credit card details are sent from Cocoon Company ApS to Stripe via an encrypted connection. Thereby, Cocoon Company ApS will not under any circumstances be able to see, or grant access to your credit card information. This also applies on your account which you can create on our website. This part of the transaction is administered by a certified transaction service.