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Natural sponges from the Mediterranean Sea – a soft bath sponge

Natural sponges grow on the bottom of the ocean, where they feed on the oxygen and food that is brought to them via the water flow. The sponge can be created in many different sizes, shapes and colors. Our natural sponges originate from the Mediterranean Sea, where they grow at a depth of 15-50 meters. Here, fishermen dive down and pick up a small part of the sponge, but leave the root of the natural sponge so that the sponge can continue to grow on the bottom of the sea.

Unlike a regular bath sponge, which consists of closed plastic bubbles, the many channels in the natural sponge make it easy to wash the dirt out of the sponge. A natural sponge is therefore incredibly hygienic as a washing sponge, and is therefore recommended for both those with sensitive skin.