Wool balls for tumble dryer – for a thoughtful and environmentally-friendly drying

Let the wool balls reduce your drying time up to 25% and spare both the environment and your economy!

Cocoon Wool Dryer Balls are drying balls for the tumble dryer. They reduce the drying time of clothes in the machine using the wool’s great moist absorbing capabilities. Like regular drying balls, the wool balls move inside the tumble dryer where they lift and separate the laundry. Thereby, the heat has also a better opportunity to circulate more effectively during the drying process, and the tumble dryer can more easily soak up the steaming moist from the clothes. Thus, shortening the drying process significantly.

Additionally, the wool’s moist absorbing capabilities will also absorb the moist from the laundry through the drying process. By using the dryer balls for laundry drying you can reduce the drying time up to 25% (around 10-30 minutes) and saving the environment for pointless CO2 emissions. The dryer balls will also reduce the accumulation of static electricity in the clothes, therefore it can be used to many types of different fabrics which goes into the dryer.

a sustainable and natural alternative to rinsing

Cocoon’s wool balls are more than just drying balls. As the wool balls are constantly in touch with laundry during the drying process, the balls help softens the clothes. The massaging influence on the laundry will make the laundry feel soft and airy. Therefore, you also save the environment from environmental-damaging chemicals, which is present in modern rinsing ingredients. Using organic soapberries instead of regular laundry detergent, you will experience more softness in your laundry. The soapberries are naturally softening and therefore do not require rinsing ingredients.


When using wool balls for laundry drying, it is recommended to be aware on a couple of things. The they work by untying and separating the laundry in order to distribute heat more effectively. So, it is recommended not to dry big quantity at a time. The wool balls will work best during drying sessions, where the balls have room for motion.

Drying in small or medium sized quantities, 2-3 wool balls will suffice. For a more sublime result 3 is recommended. Thus, our products are available in a package of 4, and one with 6. Half of the wool balls in a package will be for a laundry with white clothing and the other half will be for dark clothing. The instructions are simple – just place the wool balls in the tumble dryer with the laundry and voilà. The wool balls will take care of the rest.

Add a natural touch

Using a natural detergent to your laundry, or just a detergent without perfume, you can just add a little scent. Add a few drops of Cocoon’s essential oils to the wool balls and give your laundry a sweet natural scent. You can choose between our nice Eucalyptus oil or our popular Citronella oil, which gives your laundry a sweet scent of citrus. Just add a few drops around 5-15 minutes with the pipette to the dryer balls before adding them with the laundry in the tumble dryer. The more time the dryer balls have to absorb the oils, the slower the dryer balls will distribute the scent through the drying process.