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Car seat cushion with kapok – made with care for both children and the environment

Cocoon car seat cushion has a woven fabric made of 100% organic certified cotton and is filled with 100% natural and untreated kapok. Kapok is harvested from the kapok trees which grow wild in the rainforest. The kapok trees are neither fertilized nor sprayed with pesticides. Kapok is a fantastic natural fiber that has been used for generations due to the natural fibers’ temperature-regulating and breathable properties.

Many children often become uncomfortable in the car seat because the bolster is made of synthetic materials and therefore not very breathable. A kapok cushion for the car seat will keep your child nicely tempered in the car seat, both summer and winter. Besides giving you child extra comfort in the car seat, it will also protect the car seat from wear and tear. The cushion is easily removed for cleaning.